Please click on the icons below to view new artwork by Kathryn Cronin, Joanne Hunt, Fred Ross, Susan Paterson and Victoria Moon Joyce

Fortified by Kathryn Cronin Gorgeous new flowers by Joanne Hunt Three new to us Fred Ross drawings Susan Paterson Victoria Moon Joyce's most recent painting

Cliff Turner, Guy Vézina, Stephen May, Eric Budovitch and Raven Glass Studio

Yvon Gallant, Richard Montpetit, Monika Wright, Isabelle Lafargue and Peggy Smith

Richard Montpetit's iconic Montréal scenes Monika Wright captures the brilliance of summer waves

Borrowed works by Bruno and Molly Lamb Bobak graced the gallery walls in May 2018 for our non-selling exhibition:
"People and Places of New Brunswick".
Thank you to all the 21 collectors who allowed us to share their work with so many admirers. You can still view the exhibition by clicking "The Ball":

Francis Wishart's most recent exhibition may be viewed by clicking the image below:

Gerard Collins' exhibition "Self Portrait" may be viewed by clicking on the image below:

From our archives -

Nikki Thériault and Francis Wishart speak about his exhibition "Self Portrait" -

We are very pleased to welcome Richard Montpetit to the Gallery 78 family...

we are so happy to be representing the work of Richard Montpetit

Exciting new work by Steven Rhude, Stephen May, Amber Leger, Andrew Henderson and Glenn Hall.

Steven Rhude's latest paintings reprise the beauty of autumn Home inspirations by Stephen May The latest pieces by Amber Leger Under Glass by Andrew Henderson

Nikki Thériault and Andrew Henderson chat about his newest exhibition "Under Glass"

New work by Christopher Harding, Gerard Collins, Raymond Martin, Lee Horus Clark, Glenn Hall

Réjean Roy and his work are featured in ARABELLA magazine

Brigid Toole Grant's Autumn Garden, Peter Thompson's latest visions of New Brunswick captured in photography, Lee Horus Clark's "Fire Coral" Vessel is the epitome of a complex fire box vessel and France Pillière's ape series is a must-see!

Colin Hugh Smith's latest florals are a gift as we wait for spring and summer France Pillière's Great Apes An exquisite wood-fired piece!

Gallery 78’s annual free Family Art Exploration hands-on activities during FROSTival 2018 included creating pottery out of clay with Matt Cripps, who is studying ceramics at NBCCD and making decorative art cards for Valentine’s Day with Nikki Thériault. Thank you so much Matt and Nikki and to NBCCD for the use of the pottery wheel!

FROSTival fun!

Anne Dunn's latest exhibition "Nigadoo, New Brunswick Summer Song" may be viewed by clicking on the image above.


We are delighted to once again welcome the work of Anna Torma, RCA and Istvan Zsako to Gallery 78. Award winning artists whose work is defined by thoughtful narratives, exquisite use of material, craftsmanship, excitement and joy. Anna's work has been profiled in numerous publications including Border Crossings, Selvedge and Walrus magazines, as well as The Globe and Mail and National Post. She is the recipient of many accolades including the prestigious Lieutenant-General’s Award for High Achievement in Visual Arts in New Brunwick. Istvan has also received many awards, including the Hungarian Art Council Award (1985), the Scholarship of Rome (1987), and the Biennial Prize at the 8th Hungarian Drawing Biennial (1996).

Both artists have exhibited their work internationally and are represented in important public collections. They live and create in Baie Verte, NB

Anna Torma's magical tapestries


New artwork by Steven Rhude, Stephen May, Karen Burk, RFM McInnis and David McKay

Stephen May's latest paintings from his studio. a new collection of exquisite hand painted porcelain by Karen Burk New work by RFM McInnis Two egg temperas on David McKay's signature gessoed circular panels

Congratulations to Isabelle Lafargue! Swiss magazine "Flash" featured Isabelle and her work in November 2017, to view please click here...


Congratulations to David McKay on receiving a Senators 150 Anniversary Medal

Shown is David's son, Neill McKay, Sen. David Adams Richards, David McKay, RCA and his wife Sharon Tracy

The medals commemorates 150 years since Canada's Senate sat for the first time and honours those who have improved their region of Canada.
Each Senator chose 12 deserving recipients to receive the medals.

Senators 150 Medal recipients

Recipients include Former Lieutenant-Governor Hon. Graydon Nicholas, artist David McKay, brakeman and conductor Jack Carleton, poet and former Fiddlehead editor Bob Gibbs, writer Wayne Curtis, Paralympian Danielle Dorris, songwriter and novelist Herb Curtis, Professor Brian Carty (deceased), novelist, editor and columnist, Nancy Bauer, sculptor and teacher Jim Boyd, veteran Marion Arsenault and writer Ray Fraser.


Ann Balch, SCA, CSPWC

Ann Balch's painting "Jean at Eighty-Five"
winner of 2017 Sloan Award at Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour international juried exhibition in Toronto and now available at Gallery 78


New artwork by David McKay, Molly Lamb Bobak, Amber Leger, Monica Macdonald and Barbara Safran deNiverville

David McKay, RCA Amber Leger Monica Macdonald Barbara Safran deNiverville's recent work

Sarah Jones most recent series of Saint John, NB

Sarah Jones' new series of Tin Can Beach, Saint John, NB and Jason Nugent's 2016-2017 expeditions are showcased in his exhibition - SEE


New artwork by James Wilson, Monika Wright, Ann Balch, David McKay and Alan Grabelsky

Please click on the images to view details

James Wilson latest photographs from Mexico Monika Wright's new powerful waves! David McKay's iconic fall image Introducing Alan Grabelsky and his latest serigraphs

Yolande Clark's most recent buddhas

New work by Stephen May, Amber Leger, William Robinson, Peter Thompson and Kath Kornelsen Rutherford

Alexandrya Eaton's most recent project featured in the 2017 edition of Billie: Undercurrents in Atlantic Canadian Visual Culture

Treats by Bruno Bobak, France Pillière, Lee Horus Clark, Gerard Collins and Jackie Doucette

Have you seen Jessie Babin's video of her drawing - with a little speed? It is definitely worth a look (click on the baseball).
Also, to listen to Jessie's interview on Radio Canada International, click on Jessie's "Self Portrait" below...


The Spring/Summer 2017 Arabella - Canadian Art, Architecture and Design magazine features “Exuberant Roses” by Alexandrya Eaton on the cover and a number of wonderful Canadian artists including the work of Jessie Babin.
Click on the image to view all the details -

Society of Canadian Artists

O Canada - Our Home and Native Land

As part of the Canada 150 celebrations, Gallery 78 was selected to host the Society of Canadian Artists 60th anniversary Elected Members’ exhibition “O Canada – Our Home & Native Land”. Recognised artists from across the country competed and were juried to participate in this national exhibition. The show featured 51 artworks by 40 artists from six provinces. Five artists were honoured with awards totalling $3,000 including the Mary Pratt Crystal Bowl, which went to Nova Scotia artist Monika Wright. The exhibition ran from June 16 to July 9, 2017.

New artwork by Anna Cameron, Kristen Cooper, Kristyn Bishop, Mary White and Daniel Porter

Please click on the images to view details.