James Wilson


I have been living on the edge of the Kennebecasis River for more than 30 years and observing the constant changes caused by the shifting waters of the Saint John River system. These changes are tidal, seasonal, and environmental. As an artist I am affected by these changes visually and emotionally. In this body work I kept in mind watersheds being one living organism with everything interconnected, water, land, sea and air. I focused on the quality of light, marshlands, morning mists, the moving energy of the waterways, and where land and water overlap each other. There is so much going on in this very complex system involving all of the river’s tributaries, the shaping of the land, in flowing creeks and streams, fresh and saltwater marshes flushing and filtering water. Most special here though, is the influence of the mighty tides of the Bay of Fundy backing up the flow of the Saint John River and it’s tributaries twice a day. These shifting changes both natural and human-made affect the quality of our waters, animal and plant life that live here and the adjoining land. In this world of increasing pressures I only hope my art can inspire people to see how precious and fragile this ecosystem is, and how important it is to preserve and clean up this water system so future generations of all species can enjoy a safe and peaceful habitat.

James Wilson, 2018

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