Eric Budovitch - Caryatid

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Eric Budovitch
Eric Budovitch
Eric Budovitch
Eric Budovitch
Eric Budovitch

Originally focused on an individual’s association to their belongings as they are dragged out into the light during a surreal moving day where characters and memories emerge and are in turn hidden by the “stuff” that makes up our lives, a large work emerged that re-articulated my view of the scene.
When a single girl was incorporated into a tall stack of items and boxes, she assumed a position in my mind not unlike that of the of the ancient stone sculptures known as caryatids that decorate a number of Greek archaeological sites, most famously the Acropolis in Athens.
This Mediterranean motif, of women supporting great weights, temple roofs and by relation, all that stood under them, were symbols I recognized as woman’s involvement and importance in that ancient society. At the same time I recognized the fertile symbolism they offered and sought to reimagine them in our society.
Today the analogies that are drawn from these painted compositions will be based on the “baggage” individual viewers bring to the works vs their original denotations now lost to history. Yet the concept of people supporting others and by relation, the world around them will hopefully find new perches in the minds of those who view these reimagined stone sculptures and their surviving metaphor.

Eric Budovitch, 2018

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