Anja Šućura

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Coming from 3 years of intense college experience focused on executing complex conceptual projects, Šućura’s new work is a purification of thought and form, a return to the basics. Pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience and have been one of the staples in Šućura’s artistic practice and the main source of inspiration for her new body of work.

Inverted’ was imagined as a capsule collection consisting of elegant, versatile and timeless pieces. The crisp lines of geometric silver frames paired with lustrous, freshwater pearls give an edge to a traditionally feminine look. The variety in finishes, colours and shapes gives the option of mixing and matching, stacking or just sticking to that one special piece. Subtle yet eye-catching, these body adornments were made to be worn in any and all occasions, as delicate or as bold as you wish them to be.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearls

Techniques: soldering/construction, riveting

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