Canadian plant fibre artist Ralph Simpson has developed an innovative method of weaving, bending and sculpting wood and plant fibre to create three dimensional pieces. His gracefully formed work blends bold colour and innovative material with ephemeral fibres to achieve a perfect balance. Most notably, he was short listed for the 2021 Salt Spring National Art Prize.

He works in his studio in Fredericton, New Brunswick and exhibits his work locally, nationally and internationally, attending residencies and facilitating workshops. When foraging plant fibre he employs principles that respect environmental sustainability.


I have an innate interest in the natural world, fields, forests, and wetlands and the plants that grow there inspire my work. Baskets, vessels, and sculptures arise from a deep curiosity and emergent understanding of my chosen materials. Combining traditional weaving techniques with various plant fibre I create contemporary art forms.

My work varies in form and style but what resonates in all my pieces is the underlying investigation into ways that plant materials can be used to spark interest or insight in the natural world.

I employ harvest principles that embrace environmental integrity and sustainability.

Ralph Simpson