Alevtina Sharapova


I was born in Moscow, Russia. My formal art training took place at the Moscow College of Arts and Crafts with the major of carpets and tapestry making. After graduating I worked several years as a designer in a carpet company, then took part in organizing a small workshop studio "Donegal". This studio cooperated with a carpet factory in Ireland. "Donegal" studio mostly worked on unique pieces of art - hand-made tapestries based on the paintings of modern artists, one of kind pieces for interior design.

In 2006 I moved to China with my family. I was impressed with the bright ornamentation, rich culture and vast diversity of Chinese art. I tried calligraphy and Chinese ink-painting, that brought new experience I tried to use in my art. After a period of searching for a new vision, when I tried doll-making, paper clay, patchwork, came to felt-making, which was close to the carpets for its soft texture and great majority of usage. Wool felting is a traditional technique of making things from wool using hot water and soap. Different items can be made from wool - toys, bags, shoes, hats, scarves and more.

Currently I work with wool in different styles - from small interior objects to bigger wall hangings, combining traditional approach with modern point of view. Also I am running classes for children and grown-ups where students learn how to make things with there own hands. It is not only a handicraft, but also a way to express yourself through colors and forms, the way to decorate your house with unique items, not just bought in shops, but made by yourself. Another project is art studio for grown-ups and art therapy. As people often say that they like to draw, but they were too busy to learn drawing when they were young, I organized classes especially for such students. They are aged from 25 to 55 years old and they come to study basic principles of drawing and painting. But the main idea of the classes is to help people to find there inner artist so they can express their feelings with lines and colors.

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