New Brunswick College of Craft and Design - 2021 STERLING Exhibition


Tessa Price grew up in Hantsport, Nova Scotia surrounded by nature and that was where her love for the natural world first began. After graduating high school she went to study at the University of New Brunswick. While studying at UNB she found that this was not the right environment for her.For many years she struggled to finish her Bachelor’s degree and constantly felt she was getting further from where she wanted to be every day. It was not until she was introduced to the Bachelor of Applied Arts program that is paired with The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design that she finally found her place. Immediately after starting at NBCCD she knew that this was the right atmosphere for her. After completing the ‘Foundation Visual Arts’ certificate program in 2019 she went into the Jewellery/Metal Arts diploma program and is now graduating this spring.

Much of her work incorporates aspects of nature often depicting animals and mimicking rich textures found in the wilderness.She believes that it is important to pay attention to the little things happening around oneself because the natural world provides an endless supply of beauty and inspiration for those who take the time to look for it.