Elizabeth Malara-Wieczorek


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Born in Kraków, Poland; her affair with painting and drawing began quite early under the guidance of an illustrator artist Ewa Mrozowska, who referred her to the great art tradition of the capital of Poland as well as of European painting. She has a Masters of Arts (Fine Arts) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Poland, and a Teacher Certification from the Teacher's College in Kraków, Poland, where she researched the influence of colours on children.

For many years, Elizabeth has been devoted full-time to painting from her home studio. Her work is focused on nature; she studies still life and landscape, often accompanied by presence of a person who participates in the monumental harmony of the world. Her artwork is rendered mostly in oil, watercolor, and acrylic technique.

She has been working as an art director and graphic designer with the advertising agencies “Del Art” and “ExpoGraphic”, created nationwide advertisement campaigns, designed visuals and concepts for corporate gifts and exhibition fair events.

As a freelance designer and illustrator, she created many illustrations, cover artwork, and designs for publications, natural history illustrations for books “Polly of Bridgewater Farm” and “The Early Industry of Ontario”; she also supervised the editing and printing process for designed books and catalogues.


In my painting, I follow the harmony reflected in the surrounding world.

I like to select subjects for longer study and contemplation. The landscape is one of my favorite topics and the source of inspiration. To make it more relevant to the spectator I set staffage in my landscapes. It gives the opportunity to see the world as an appealing spectacle for us in it.

Studying my subject in the plain air, I paint and draw to catch the ephemeral moments. The mood and the essence of the scene are what I am looking for. Photographs supplement the sketches and memories for work in the studio. Through the traditional approach to subject and technique, I am creating the transposition from observation to my tangible painting. That is a challenge, and at the same time - joy and pleasure.

I work in many media, whether they are rich or simple, colorful or monochromatic. I consider myself an explorer, and a happy human being when I get the opportunity to paint. Yet I paint not only for myself, but the sharing is also a way to prove the work when it renders welcoming and revealing experience for the viewer. I believe it is a responsible mission of an artist, to create in accordance with evolving concepts and to bring to the audience the artwork reflecting the ideas and values.

So, Art as an Artwork, Art as an Action, and Art as an Interaction, for me are splendid fields to experience the beauty that our life offers us.

It is important for me to look for opportunities to build a bond with art lovers. Art is the language to connect people, to express emotions, experience, knowledge, and feelings. The time of reflection in front of an artwork, the discovery of a community of joy and thoughts can be valuable and rewarding in our mutual relationship and understanding.

To view more of her work, visit: malara.ca