Lorraine P. Dietrich


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Born in Trois-Rivières, province of Québec, Canada, internationally and worldwide awarded artist Lorraine P. Dietrich lives now in Shawinigan (Québec). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts Teaching from Université du Québec in Montréal (1975) and has been drawing and painting with transparent watercolours since 1988. The public appreciates the serenity of her watercolour paintings, whose dynamic, yet romantic floral compositions, combined with glowing and permanent colours, are painted on high-quality paper, a process she calls Watercolours in Bloom. For several years, flowers have been her main inspiration because of their diversity, sensuousness, and symbolism, which she relates to the blossoming life around her. Because she focuses on the individuality, essence and spirituality of flowers, her paintings rarely show man-made objects. Her artistry is often associated with music, as in Flower Melodies, a thematic series in which she uses famous songs and arias as sources of inspiration. She likes to draw and paint from life and her elegant florals in front of abstract backgrounds, convey poetic and mysterious feelings.

Her personal style embodies new trends in contemporary representational art. To translate beauty, life and the forms of creation is an interesting objective because it keeps her in direct contact with nature, so often sadly threatened. For her "Creativity is a powerful agent for the discovery and the enrichment of the human potential. To pause, observe and meditate in contemplative silence upon nature's beauty has become a necessity for man. It allows him to maintain his equilibrium amidst the pressure and bustle of modern life and reminds him that he too is part of the immense unity of life's precious yet fragile natural world." She also paints still life subjects, and she calls that series "Objects of Delight".

Her works have been exhibited in more than 40 solo exhibitions and numerous group shows, more than 190 art exhibitions in Canada, USA, Greece, France, Puerto-Rico, India, and have been awarded in Canada and abroad by eminent jurys. In 2012, she won the Canadian Grand Prize in Still Life / Florals competition with a 1,000.00$ (CAN) award (also publication of her painting on the magazine cover) from Canadian Brushstrokes Magazine.

In 2012, she was awarded with four international Prizes from American Art Awards, including First Prize in Floral Realism. In 2010, she received five international awards from American Art Awards, including First Prize in Watercolour. The jury was 25 high caliber art galleries in USA for a multitude of paintings from 22 countries. In 2016, she won the AAA 6th Worldwide Prize (Floral Realism) from the votes of a jury of 25 top notch art galleries and Museums. 3,000 paintings from 56 countries were in competition. In 2017, she was voted 4th and 6th Worldwide Awards in AAA.

Accepted three times at their International Juried Exhibition at Kent Art Gallery, CT in New-York area, she became the first Signature Member elected outside the U.S.A. by the Northeast Watercolor Society, a national prestigious organization.

Her works are part of permanent collections in several museums in the province of Québec and part of private and corporate collections in America, Europe, and Asia. EMS Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece, selected one of her paintings to be part of their permanent collection (contemporary artists).

Reputable art galleries exhibit her paintings on a permanent basis. Publications include International Artist Magazine “Master Painters of the world “Canada Showcase, Highlight Hollywood (Beverly Hills, California USA), Magazin’Art (many articles), other magazines, newspapers and several art books.

Daniel Harrisson, horticulturist at Hémérocalles de l’Isle, Bécancour, produced a new hybrid-cultivar “Hémérocalle Lorraine Dietrich " as a tribute to the artist; homologation by American Hemerocallis Society, 2007.

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To view more of her work, visit: lorrainedietrich.com