Vicky Lentz

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Vicky Lentz is a mixed-media visual artist from the northwest region of New Brunswick. She received degrees in archaeology and ecology from the University of Toronto and became a member of the RCMP. She then studied art at the University and College levels and has followed many specialized workshops by distinguished artists. Most recently, she was awarded a Scholarship to study at the International Centre for the Study of Painting in Italy in 2019.

Vicky's work has been the subject of several solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions in Canada and abroad. Her work can be found in private and public collections in Canada. Besides an active studio practice, Vicky is a speaker and sought-after instructor. She also mentors artists on both their artistic and business practices. Vicky recently curated a touring, provincial exhibition and has been the recipient of creation/research grants at both the provincial and national level. She has served on many regional and provincial arts organizations and boards and actively supports the arts at all levels.

The work of Vicky Lentz has been described to hold the key to the confluence between the external and internal worlds, between the physical and the psychological, the evolution of nature and the transformation of the urban. Her source of creativity is a deep and longstanding affinity with the natural world. Working with this natural edge, her studio inquiries employ a variety of materials and methods to engage with the landscape on a human scale. The processes and materials open up a dialogue with the environment. Her home and studio are located in a secluded maple forest. Her daily life unfolds in a direct interaction with the living environment. No artificial additives or preservatives, just pure and simple.

In our modern world where children suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder and our environmental concerns become epic, her contemporary work that echoes and documents this simple life of connection finds a worthy importance.

Artist Statement:

I maintain an intimate relationship with the environment living in an isolated forest. As a young child in the wilds surrounding the family farm in the Ottawa Valley, there was a constant sense of discovery and wonder. This deep sense of wonder persists in the artistic discoveries made in my forest studio.

My acute human senses developed and honed to perceive minute changes in the natural environment. Through concentrated listening and seeing, a dialogue occurs with the other. Moments of grace deepen this connection and nourish the art that develops from this life lived as a witness.

As I search for innovative ways to express our human interaction with the environment, I explore several mediums. Through paint, recycled metal, found materials and clay, the transformation and fluidity of life remains a constant theme. Mining beneath the surface, the liquid motion of life searches for structure and form. Repetition and pattern are ways for me to enter into this felt, meditative dialogue.

Parallel to the work of Agnes Martin or the contemporary work of the Ontario artist, Dorothy Caldwell, the underlying, invisible natural structure is sensed and expressed in visual form. As our modern human populations continue to concentrate in the large urban areas across the globe, this singular, rural life lived in a direct, sensitive dialogue with nature is richly significant. Through my research in paint, sculpture and installations I share this life of connection.

Vicky Lentz, 2020

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