Loominations by KAREN LEBLANC


Born in Fredericton, NB, Karen LeBlanc learned the art of fine craft at the New Brunswick Craft School. Later, Karen pursued higher education as a single parent, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (Honors Sociology) and a Masters of Education (Adult Education). Karen’s passion for weaving and textiles evolved to designing clothing, textile products and fibre art. Karen acquired a Leclerc loom for the Fibre Art Network (FAN) in 2016, weaving a coverlet that was gifted to the donor of the loom.A second coverlet was exhibited in 2016 World of Threads. Karen is employed full-time at an Indigenous non-profit organization and works on her fibre art passion in her spare time.


My fibre art evolves through my tactile love of textures, fibre, textiles, and incorporating artistic pursuits and other disciplines. I start with concepts and/or images and create my fibre art through contemplation, travel, playing with/juxtaposing images and discussion. These creations illustrate history, daily life, connections between nature and textures, traditional woven designs and fashion. I “play” with textures, patterns and techniques in my home studio using cashmere, silk, alpaca, cotton, wool and other fibers. I use my images in Photoshop, and Pointcarre to design and create Jacquard woven fibre art. I am intrigued with 3D fibre and sculptural pieces.

Karen LeBlanc