Jackie Doucette


The contrast between control and the uncontrolled is the spirit and essence of my work. I work towards creating precise and purposeful forms while abandoning these pieces to the unpredictable nature of fire and smoke.

Using alternative methods to decorate my pots appeals to me. There is something satisfying about using natural materials from my surroundings. Smoke patterns and carbon trails are formed on the surface of my horsehair pieces by applying grains of sugar and strands of horsehair when the pot is extremely hot.

Each smoke fired piece is wrapped with various metals and natural materials. They are tumbled together amongst wood shavings and other combustibles such as seaweed and driftwood collected from the shores of Miramichi Bay. The pots are subjected to direct contact with the flame and coals in my wood-fired kiln. When each piece is lifted from the ashes, the result is a pallet of patterns and colors painted by the smoke and dancing flames.

Jackie Doucette, 2015