Anna Horsnell


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Anna Horsnell SCA was born in Nova Scotia, working and studying in various parts of Canada before returning to her home province to focus solely on her art. She was first recognized as a landscape painter, however today she is best known for her abstract paintings. For over forty years, she has exhibited regularly in group and solo shows, as well as various commercial galleries, and her paintings hang in private and public collections including the Nova Scotia Art Bank. She is currently represented by 14 Bells Fine Art Gallery in Halifax.

Anna is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists and a former board member of Visual Arts Nova Scotia. Her paintings have been selected for publication in the art magazines International Artist and Arabella, and her artwork is featured in several books - Nova Scotia’s Contemporary Artists: Volume II, and International Women Celebrate!

In 2009, Anna was awarded a Progress Women of Excellence Award for Arts and Culture in recognition of her accomplishments in her profession and community. A firm believer in supporting all of the arts and contributing to her community wherever she has lived, Anna has taught art to both children and adults, organized a variety of large community art projects, founded an artist discussion group, organized group exhibits, written about fellow artists in both magazine and newspaper articles, and steadfastly upheld the arts as vital to a healthy society.


I was mesmerized by the power and potential of art from the moment I picked up a crayon as a child, the adults instructing me to colour within the lines. I’m still in awe after years of eager exploration and experimentation, the act of creation an instinctual part of who I am. I’m still striving to reach farther, to take chances, to create art that makes a difference. Happily, colouring outside the lines has become my mantra.

My abstract art very often has a mind and purpose of its own, and I simply watch and listen to where the painting wants to go. The work may begin with an idea or theme, but I also love spontaneity, to surrender to the energy passing from my mind and hand to canvas. I immerse myself in the interaction with colour, playing with lines and shapes, and reaching for the emotional heart of the experience. That journey is curious, satisfying, challenging, endless.

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