Kel Hines


Kel Hines is a metalsmith living in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Hines works in sterling silver to create elegant and edgy jewellery and she uses contrasting shapes and textures to explore duality, femininity, and storytelling. Her work has been exhibited at the Canadian Jewellery Expos in Toronto and Edmonton, and at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton. Hines attended NBCCD and received a Diploma of Fine Craft: Jewellery/Metal Arts in 2018 and a Certificate in Advanced Studio Practice in 2019. She also received a BA in English, Creative Writing, and Theatre from UNB in 2015. When not in the metal studio, Hines spends her free time playing video games and snuggling with her three cats.


I aim to create jewellery that is beautiful and versatile, capturing elegance with an edge. My inspiration comes from contrast: in the marriage of seemingly oppositional forces as they merge to create unity. My work explores duality, femininity, and storytelling through the juxtaposition of softness and sharpness. My main focus is jewellery for everyday wear. I want my pieces to be worn and loved. I want them to become part of your story, as you now carry a piece of mine.

My Persephone Collection embodies its namesake: Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld. Through floral motifs that are both delicate and sharp, I explore feminine beauty and fierceness.

My Orbit series is inspired by my love of galaxies, gemstones, and sci-fi. These pieces are unique, colourful and hint at futuristic, while remaining extremely wearable. The stones serve as planets and moons so the wearer may carry their own little world.