Jennifer Heine


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Inspired by unexpected beauty in the everyday and the challenge of expanding the visual vocabulary and means with which to express it, Jennifer was raised in a family of professional artists in Victoria. Her creative foundations were enhanced by studies in art history, fine art and design at the University of Victoria, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. In subsequent years Jennifer has continued developing her work, garnering recognition, international collectors, and signature status with both the Society of Canadian Artists and as a Senior Member and Vice President of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her work reveals a love of nature and a fascination with the capacity for light to elevate the familiar. She thrives on continual exploration of the creative process, and relishes opportunities to share her experience through painting, teaching, photography and championing Arts in the community.

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I strive in my work to give permanent form to fleeting moments of grace. Seeking to bring a liveliness to my subjects, both human and avian, I venerate the individual, revelling in their idiosyncrasies and distinctive character. The emotional power and narrative potential of portraits continues to inspire many of my larger pieces. Regardless of subject, I believe evident throughout my work is an enduring fascination with light, its interaction with surfaces, psychological impact and capacity to transmute the quotidian into something remarkable.

On Benevenuto, she writes: "Met on a backstreet in Fiesole, this man on a break from his kitchen offers a typically charming and good-humoured welcome. Like so many, we are longing for a time where we can once again have adventures, make discoveries that spark the imagination, and have the opportunity to meet people and spread only friendship."

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