Lisa Figueroa


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Lisa transports the viewer to natural places, and shares with us the complexities of the ecosystems she encounters. All of nature, visible and invisible, is intertwined in her vivid paintings. With barely a moment to take a breath as the viewers eye travels endlessly through her brushstrokes. The stories Lisa tells with her art form weaves in: scientific facts, personal triumphs, humble admiration and respect for the land, and a sense of passion as brilliant as the dynamic oranges and luminous metallic colours in the painted forms.Lisa believes walking is a form of art that allows her to observe, record, imagine, create and share her experiences of this fragile land.

Experiencing natural places and rituals, as it is now and as it once was, is the magic that both stimulates and soothes Lisa’s soul.

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Against all odds, Sockeye Salmon return to the Adams River where they were born four years earlier. They return from the northern Pacific Ocean to procreate in the Adams River and shortly after they die. Sockeye Salmon are tenacious, strong fish who swim past:fishing boats, fish farms, large cities and many predators in the aim of returning home. The lucky few that make it past the many obstacles reach the place where fresh and ocean water meet. From this junction the salmon swims upstream for two weeks, without eating until he intuitively understands he is at the place of his birth. My painting is of such a salmon. He has swam upstream and will now complete his life journey in the act of procreation; continuing the life cycle of the Sockeye Salmon.

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