Elizabeth Elkin


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Elizabeth Elkin is a renowned professional artist with an international reputation and over forty years of experience. The true innovation of her work lies in the power of her vibrant colors, her museum quality works of expressionist art.

Elizabeth has exhibited her work both domestically and internationally for many years. Since 1990, she has participated in numerous galleries, juried group shows and solo exhibitions throughout North America. Her works has also been featured in several publications. In 2001, she was a featured artist in Ottawa Life magazine, in 2014 – in the West of the City magazine and in 2002, one of her painting was chosen for the poster of The Association of Canadian Women Composers in Chamber Music Festival and received personal recognition from Governor General of Canada, Adrienne Clarkson. She received numerous awards and honours during her 40-year art career. In 2013, her painting “Paris Sketch” won first place in the prestigious Colour and Form Society 61st Juried Art show and in 2017 she received two awards in international juried exhibition “CityScapes” from Light, Space &Time Online Art Gallery.

In 2007, Elizabeth left her studio behind to initiate an art-study tour of the museums of Paris, France and of Flemish art of Belgium. Following an extensive three-week program, Elizabeth has emerged with many fresh impressions and begun a new series of works dedicated to the beauty of old Europe and its many treasures.

Elizabeth continued her research of man-made architectural treasures and cityscapes following that initial tour. In 2008 she travelled to New York City to observe first-hand the iconic skyline and returned with a fresh series of modern cityscapes the likes of which have never been seen before. Inspired by the magnificence of the modern American form, she took in the sights of Los Angeles and San Francisco, travelling to California. There she was mesmerized by the beauty of the Southern West Coast and the blend of cultures found within.

Elizabeth has had a life-long dedication to visual arts. She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, Ontario Society of Artists. Elizabeth’s paintings can be found in the collections of MBA Ottawa University, Government of Ontario Art Collection and 300+ private collections around the world.


I draw my inspiration from the world around me and what I have seen. Wherever I look, I find myself always surrounded by astounding beauty – from the simple grace of a blossoming flower to the grandness of the universe. It is this beauty that I seek to capture and express in my paintings. To me, abstract art is a way of viewing the world and of expressing the fleeting moments in the only way that they can be expressed.

Repetition is not my strength and my personal style consists a fusion of palette knife techniques, impressionistic strokes, and surrealist perspectives. Each stroke differs from the rest; each painting is distinct and different from the other, linked only by bright colours and palette knife technique.

It is through landscapes and cityscapes that I continuously attempt to capture the emotion, vivid detail and cultures of the world; including but not limited to Canada.

To view more of her work, visit: trueart.ca