Liz Demerson


Liz Demerson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Anthropology, minoring in Women's Studies, from the University of New Brunswick. She also has a Bachelor of Education degree from UNB, and a Master of Arts in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from Concordia University in Montreal.

A trained ceramic artist, Liz learned her craft at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design under Peter Thomas and Karen Burk. She was juried into the New Brunswick Crafts Council in 2001 and has sold her work across the Maritimes and Ontario.

Presently studio head of the Ceramics Studio at NBCCD, her specialty is ceramic science where she is testing and developing new glazes. She is currently doing research in the area of natural glaze development.

Liz has been harvesting a variety of materials in New Brunswick, such as seashells, granites, sands, seaweeds and other plant materials as well as different rocks and processing them into a ceramic grade glaze product. Her current research is sourcing local clays and processing them into a usable body ceramics production.