Daniel Porter


Daniel is a resident of New Brunswick Canada and a great lover of his home province, a student of nature, conservationist & outdoorsman. His work is noted for its attention to unique detail which is tempered and evident by his first hand knowledge and close experience with the subjects dealt with throughout his work.

Daniel is constantly immersed in study gaining ever more insight into his art practice. "My influences have changed over the years, I’ve had a wonderful journey learning to define what a truly fine work of art is comprised of, recognizing this definition varies from person to person, for me, the goal is to be clean and simple in my approach providing the right amount of information in a piece leaving room for the minds eye to fill in certain aspects with its own interpretations, this inherently leads folks to a much greater connection with the work. Being effective this way means giving my subject a solid sense of place in its environment without overwhelming detail, I consider these key elements in the design, execution and hopefully the ultimate success of my paintings.”

Over the years Daniel has held a number of roles in the fine arts field including that of conservator, curator, illustrator and occasional writer. Over the years his knowledge and experience have developed to make him a respected contributor to the field of sporting art. Daniel's work in soft pastels is recognized world wide, he is an associate artist with Unison Color Works of Northumberland England. Daniel has is a strong supporter of many charitable conservation causes where his work is used to help raise critical funds used for habitat management and improvement projects.

To read a 2017 interview with CBC television host Harry Forestell, please click here.

Four of Daniel's charcoals were featured in the Spring 2016 edition of the US magazine Upland Almanac. Daniel's pastel of a woodcock, a magnificent migratory bird that is a resident here in New Brunswick, is on the cover of the Autumn 2016/Spring 2017 Skydance magazine, the US publication focused on the health of this species. Daniel's "Jock Scott" oil painting was featured on the cover of the July 2016 edition of Gray's Sporting Journal.

Most recently, Daniel was invited to participate in the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE), a very prestigious wildlife art fair bringing 40,000 attendees to see 70 painters and 30 sculptors, exhibitors and wildlife experts from around the world.

Daniel is a representing artist/clinician (with his own signature colour lines!) for Unison Colour Soft Pastels in Northumberland, England.