Guest Artist - Maurice Cormier

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Originally from Shediac New-Brunswick, Maurice Cormier discovered drawing as a young child browsing through his father’s encyclopedias. These simple tiny black and white lithographs on mat and slightly yellowed paper remain in the undercurrents of his artistic pursuits. Later, many years spent working on production lines, where machinery, repetition and patterns are predominant also left a definite mark.

Today he seeks to create a simple visual language through a blend of the beauty and expression of line and tone along with the credibility of classical techniques.

Holding a bachelor's degree in fine arts with a major in photography and printmaking, Maurice has held solo and group art exhibits, as well as worked on book illustrations and various other visual projects. He currently lives in Campbellton New Brunswick where he gives art classes and is actively involved in the promotion of community and culture through various local groups.

Artist Statement:

With classical drawing as a basis or root I find that working strictly light and dark mostly through graphite is the best vehicle to simply convey emotion or thought.There is an unquestionable legitimacy in the master’s mark making so by borrowing certain of these aspects I try to infuse my work with honesty and credibility.

Where there may sometimes be a split between conceptual art and the pursuit of aesthetics, I feel that one cannot live without the other therefore my drawings typically fall somewhere in between.

In recent years I have been gradually moving away from a more figurative art and have started to focus more on repetition and abstract patterns.Ropes, for example, are made up of a repetition of thousands of fibres, a representation of our lives as a whole, broken down into an infinite number of tiny actions all intertwined together into one.

Maurice Cormier, 2020

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