Jennifer Caie


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Living for many years in remote locations, Jennifer Caie has had little opportunity to be part of the art world. She is a professional artist who now lives and works in Dryden, Ontario. She loves to explore the landscapes of Northwest Ontario by every means possible, spending a part of each day gathering inspiration, and much of the rest of her time is spent painting what she has experienced. Jennifer also travels the wilderness of Canadian coastal regions, taking in the unique scenes by camera, to bring back to her studio. Caie has been painting since she was a girl. With a new set of paints, her first completed piece was so impressive that her mother refused to believe that it was her own creation! Working primarily in acrylics, Caie paints on canvas and wood. She has won an Ontario Arts Council grant in 2019-2020 and is working on another grant for this year’s collaborative art installation in Sioux Narrows. She was accepted as the artist en residence at Quetico Provincial Park in 2019 and is currently applying for a residencies in Provincial Parks. Traveling to remote locations, Caie holds workshops for community groups. She also teaches painting experiences close to her own town, in her workshop, lessons for children’s groups, and longer workshops for Art Associations.


My artwork represents a synthesis of my two great passions in life: exploring the wild places that surround me in Northwestern Ontario, the natural areas of Canada, and capturing the feeling of those places in paint. After the Fire, was inspired by a familiar section of trail that I visited, a little while after a forest fire had gone through, near a northern town that I had once called home. A line was drawn between the burnt and the living. In my painting, three ideas stand out. The canopy of greens over the bright horizon which speak to trees regrowth. The background which contains much mark making, indicating a starkness, yet eery beauty. Finally the foreground, the life of the natural woodlands, with all its varying mosses, and rolling undergrowth. Mark making, which is wonderful in oil painting, is difficult to employ with acrylic media. To accomplish this, I worked with fluid medium and in small sections. Layers of colour brought out a richness in the deep dark areas, and then the addition of opaques for the path of light.

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