Laura Boudreau


Laura Boudreau is a Canadian jeweller and artist who has been honing her technical skills since 2010. In 2011 she was recognized in her first exhibition with an honourable mention for Technical Excellence. Her studies through the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and the University of New Brunswick earned her a Bachelor of Applied Arts in 2018. Working mainly in sterling silver, she builds traditionally driven pieces of wearable art with respect for the role of nostalgia and the conceptual evolution of aesthetic through history. She believes that jewelry is as much about adorning the soul as the body, and should make a person feel authentic without sacrificing comfort.


My work is influenced by exploration of the interactions between tradition and innovation in the contexts of time and social structure. The overarching concept of femininity and its evolution alongside societal values – and subsequently artistic motif – drives my process, with these elements expressed as relics in a new world. Supporting this concept is the integration of design elements of related origins, such as Medieval and Victorian elements of architectural decoration and body adornment, resulting in a stylistic revival that implicitly questions its own origins.

Laura Boudreau, 2021