New Brunswick College of Craft and Design - 2021 STERLING Exhibition


Audrey Arsenault, Aud Metal, is a Mi’gmaq silversmith and jeweller. In her work, she is influenced by her Wabanaki culture and its connection to nature. Following graduation of the Advanced Studio Practice Program, Arsenault hopes to complete her Bachelor of Applied Arts at UNB this coming fall with her goal being to become a teacher and work in her hometown of Campbellton, NB.


I am a jeweler, metal artist, and musician. I hand fabricate fine jewelry and sculptures using sterling silver, brass, copper, and sometimes gold. My work engenders themes of nature, my Mi’gmaq heritage, and music. Thinking positively while fabricating is really important to me, so that my jewelry will emotionally benefit the wearer and help them through their day. My newest jewellery line, “Resilience” is meant to symbolize a bright future for anyone currently fighting their own battles, as well as for our communities as we push through these uncertain times. My jewellery and sculptural work share formal design elements. Both infuse abstract shapes with organic textures. Both also use precious and semi-precious metals. From time to time, I take delight in embellishing my work with natural materials such as wood, bird feathers, or gemstones that I cut and polish myself.

Audrey Arsenault, 2021