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March 27 - April 19 ...

Stephanie WEIRATHMUELLER - Bedroom Paintings

Stephanie Weirathmueller, Bedroom Paintings


HOME - an exploration

Home - A group exhibition, March 27 - April 19, 2015

featuring many new pieces by Eric BUDOVITCH, Danielle HOGAN, Joanne HUNT,
David MCKAY, Robert RUTHERFORD, Cliff TURNER and Francis WISHART. Please click on the image above to view the exhibition...

Stephen May, Bench in Winter, oil on canvas, 46.5 x 67 in.

the solitude of winter captured by STEPHEN MAY

Tom Forrestall is painting his Mercedes Benz

TOM FORRESTALL"A Car for all Seasons" features an exquisitely painted 1980 Mercedes Benz 300-SD at the
Beaverbrook Art Gallery from March 5 - April 19, 2015.

CBC has done a piece on this exhibition, please view it by clicking here...

Or if you would like to listen to Tom's interview on AS IT HAPPENS, click here

Dana O'Regan, Reconstructed Landscape #4

DANA O'REGAN'S reconstructed landscape...


Amber Lounder, L'Insolite

AMBER LOUNDER's monumental faces

Spring is coming...

What a beautiful morning...spring is coming...


photograph by Marie-Hélène Marmen Morell

To read a wonderful article about COLIN HUGH SMITH's creative process by Marie-Hélène Marmen Morell, please click on the image above...


Eric Budovitch, Study in Red (2013)


February 13 - March 8 .... The Art of Printmaking

The art of printmaking




Kristyn Cooper, Long Silver Heart Earrings


Kristyn Cooper, Hammered Circle Lava Rock Earrings



A lovely selection of rings, earrings and necklaces for your sweetheart by KRISTYN COOPER

Raven Glass Studio

Glorious new Bay of Fundy Rock Bowls by RAVEN GLASS STUDIO

Werner Arnold, The Show Horse 2, , pine and acrylic, 52 x 42 x 16 in.

Colour, movement and joy for the coldest days of the year by WERNER ARNOLD

Stephen May ONE YEAR



Stephen May, One Year

Réjean Roy sketching in Paris

This past November, New Brunswick publishing house Bouton d'Or Acadie invited RÉJEAN ROY to attend the "Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse" in Montreuil, France where he signed books, read to children in local schools and networked with publishers and illustrators from around the world. Réjean also took time to take in the art and beauty of Paris. Since his return, he has painted two Parisian scenes which are displayed below...

Réjean Roy, Un Matin sur La Seine, oil on board, 24 x 30 in.


Réjean Roy, Le Pont Marie, oil on board, 24 x 30 in.


A gorgeous piece for the New Year by STEVEN RHUDE

"The objective of achieving balance in life is constantly being assessed owing to our knowledge of opposing forces. From family, friends, to community. The human body, diet, the life cycle - existence and mortality; the idea of spirit. Our place in the Maritimes, church, state, and equality. Relationships, close or long distance, personal or political, are forever subject to the vicissitude's of external and internal forces. Forever being analyzed, scrutinized, and catagorized." Steven Rhude




Steven Rhude, Equilibrium #3


Daniel Porter, Visitor on the Ilex


Daniel Porter, Quick Landing

Charming new chickadees by DANIEL PORTER

Karen Shackleton, Goat Drawing, ink and watercolour on paper, 5.5 x 7.5 in., framed dimension 9 x 10.75 in.



Karen Shackleton, Cat Drawing I, ink and watercolour on paper, 4.5 x 6.5 in., framed dimension 10 x 12 in.

Karen Shackleton, Goat Drawing, ink and watercolour on paper, 5.5 x 7.5 in., framed dimension 9 x 10.75 in.

Karen Shackleton, Cat Drawing IV, ink and watercolour on paper, 4.5 x 6.5 in., framed dimension 10 x 12 in.


Molly Lamb Bobak, OC, RCA, Lansdowne Street, charcoal and water, 18.75 x 24.75 in.


Christmas "Smolt" (juvenile salmon) decorations for your tree. Hand carved by CHARLES CLARK of aspen wood with a touch of acrylic for colour...

Charles Clark, Christmas Smolts

Many delightful new pieces by a wide array of artists are available in our annual Christmas Choice exhibition
(click on the collage below to view)

Christmas Choice selection 2014

Paintings, drawings, original multiples by BRUNO BOBAK - November 21 - December 21

Bruno Bobak - The paintings and drawings

Peter Gough, Sunrise over the St. Mary's, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 32 in.

PETER GOUGH's most recent painting of the artist fishing the St. Mary's River, Nova Scotia

Remembrance Day monring 2014

Remembrance Day morning looking from our side porch onto the Cenotaph and the walking bridge

Lee Horus Clark, Side Fired Tsubo


Lee Horus Clark, November Ice Bucket


Maritime Shino: Wood-fired vessels by LEE HORUS CLARK



Ann Balch, Jessie Babin, Cathy Ross, Joanne Hunt and Susan Paterson's work are all featured in My Favourite Things


David McKay, Lighting the Way, watercolour, 10 x 14 in..jpg

DAVID MCKAY always manages to capture the season perfectly...

Welcome to France Pillière and her paper sculptures

Welcome to FRANCE PILLIÈRE and her charismatic animal sculptures...


Monica Lacey


Monica Lacey, 14. ancestor portrait, diptych (2 panels 4 x 6 in. each), 2014, mixed media and encaustic on wood panel, 4 x 12 in. (total)




Ann Manuel and Monica Lacey

Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall, Paintings from the Cabin

Glenn Hall at his exhibition opening



Gallery 78 is very proud to be representing the work of artist PETER SALMON

Peter Salmon, Tractor in Snow, 2013,  oil on canvas, 28 x 40 in.



Joseph Plaskett (1918 - 2014)

Joseph Plaskett was a national treasure in the Canadian art world and a wonderful friend. Joe died in his home on September 21, 2014.
Joe will be remembered for his artistic vision, his kindness, optimism and legendary generosity, the influence he has had on the Canadian art world and farther afield, and in his many artistic gifts - all of which were presented in his most humble way.
His legacy will live on in his exquisite body of work, in the Plaskett Foundation and in the huge circle of people who own his work and who were blessed by his friendship. We will miss him dearly.

Joseph Plaskett - a life in pictures

Yvon Gallant, September Glads, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 18 in.



Alexandrya Eaton, Dripping Roses, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 24 in.


Alexandrya Eaton, Late Summer Glads, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 24 in.



Summer preserved in all its glory by ALEXANDRYA EATON

Claude Monet, Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge, 1897-1899

In this exclusive video for "The Guardian", philosopher Alain de Botton gives his top five reasons why art is such a vital force for humanity.
Please click here to watch this wonderful video...



September 12 - 28 features "Collecting" showcasing very collectable Atlantic Canadian artists


featuring collectable art for sale by Molly Lamb Bobak, Bruno Bobak, Joseph Plaskett, Jack Humphrey, Jennifer Dickson, Marie-Hélène Allain, Lloyd Fitzgerald and Pegi Nicol MacLeod from private collections. Click on the above image to view the exhibition and see hints on preserving your works on paper.

Vicki MacLean, Queen Anne's Lace



Vicki MacLean, John's Sheep


Vicki MacLean, Wild Lily of the Valley, etching, 3 x 2 in.



A multitude of new etchings by VICKI MACLEAN

The Colours of Love, poems by Carmelita McGrath, with original woodblock prints on Kizuki Hosho paper by Charlotte Jones

The Colours of Love

Poems by St. John’s writer, Carmelita McGrath
Five original colour woodblock prints on Kizuki Hosho paper by CHARLOTTE JONES

Jessie Babin, March, charcoal and graphite on paper, 17 x 20 in.



Jessie Babin, Gluteus, charcoal and graphite on paper, 14 x 19.5 in.



JESSIE BABIN's graphite and charcoal drawings are superb...


Jonathan MacDonald, Old Tool Shed, Northwest Road, NB, 8 x 10 in., oil on board



Jonathan MacDonald, Young Lynx Skull, 10 x 10 in., oil on canvas



Jonathan MacDonald, Backyard at Sunset, 8 x 10 in., oil on board




Rural New Brunswick at its best in the hands of JONATHAN MACDONALD


Peter Thomas, Flared raku bowl

PETER THOMAS has brought in some wonderfully vibrant raku creations...

Charles Clark, Beneath the Bark, wood turnings and carvings

CHARLES CLARK's "Beneath the Bark" features silky smooth wood turnings and bas-relief carvings of Atlantic Salmon



Capture 2014 Nova Scotia Realism, by PLAN

Above excerpt from Summer 2014 Canadian Art Magazine
PLANS (Professional Living Artists of Nova Scotia), in association with the Dalhousie Art Gallery, Tom Smart and Peter Dykhuis have organized
CAPTURE 2014: Nova Scotia Realism. Please follow updates on new exhibition dates here...



James Wilson, Jemseg Reflection #2, ed. 1 of 5, 23 x 71 in.

JAMES WILSON's photograph has created a buzz with its exquisite beauty...



Karen Burk, Narrow Oval Platter (yellow), 21.5 x 8 in.

Congratulations to KAREN BURK for having three pieces from her PARADISE series added to the collection of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada!Click on the image above to see her newest artwork just in at the gallery!

Very excited also that LEE HORUS CLARK had four pieces chosen for the collection of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, including TSUBO below.

All of these pieces will be on permanent display at Canadian Diplomatic Missions abroad!


Lee Horus Clark, Tsubo, stoneware with natural ash glaze


Lee Horus Clark, Tsubo, stoneware with natural ash glaze

Tom Forrestall, Tree, Boundary Line on a Frozen Lake, watercolour, 22.5 x 15 in.




Tom Forrestall, Pine at Grand Lake, watercolour, 15 x 22.5 in.

A new selection of watercolours by TOM FORRESTALL



Henk Gringhuis, Message in a Bottle, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 in.

The art world has lost yet another artist. We are very sad to learn of the death of HENK GRINGHUIS.
During his battle with cancer, we have seen an optimistic, brave and determined person whose courage was inspiring and his love for life infectious.
We, like his loyal fans, will miss him very much and are so glad to remember him through his art.

Molly Lamb Bobak, OC, RCA
Molly Lamb Bobak (1920 - 2014)

Gallery 78 and its many friends and patrons are very saddened by the passing of MOLLY LAMB BOBAK.
She was legendary in her artwork, her generosity, her stories, her kindness, her intelligence, her humour, her mentoring and
in how fully and completely she lived her life.
How beautifully said by one of the many collectors of her work "Any good I pass along in no small way has to do with Molly's inspiration."
Molly has been been a blessing, a rare gift in the art world, a true friend and we will miss her very much.

To read the obituary, please click here: Molly Lamb Bobak



Colour featuring work by Alexandrya Eaton, Yvon Gallant, Raymond Martin and Brian MacKinnon


Lori Doody, Va Va Va Voom, etching



Lori Doody, Well Heeled II, etching

Lori Doody, Teeny Tiny Bikini

Lori Doody, Kick up your Heels, etching



Please welcome Newfoundland printmaker LORI DOODY
Doody’s whimsical dresses, shoes, boots and swimwear with their quirky titles and sassy design are a fitting tribute to the world of high-fashion –
bringing it down to earth in a truly Atlantic Canadian way. 

Lori Doody, Get My Mitts On, etching

View LORI DOODY's creations on-line



A video of RÉJEAN ROY as he explores, experiences and paints the landscape of the Kennedy Lakes Protected Area

Le Peintre, le canot et la forêt from Réjean Roy on Vimeo.


Stephen May in front of the official portrait of Hon. Herménégilde Chiasson

Congratulations to STEPHEN MAY on the occasion of the unveiling of the official portrait of the 29th Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick,
Herménégilde Chiasson. It's a beauty and worth a visit to the NB Legislature!

Michael Khoury, untitled (Cathedral), oil on board




David McKay, Nestled in the Mist, watercolour, 14 x 10 in.



works from the secondary market of the Christ Church Cathedral by MICHAEL KHOURY, DAVID MCKAY and a portrait by PEGI NICOL MACLEOD

Pegi Nicol MacLeod, Frowning Face, oil on board, 20 x 16 in.

Inge Pataki received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal from Hon. Craig Leonard

Congratulations to Inge Pataki who received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal from Hon. Craig Leonard
for Inge's significant contributions and achievements to the arts in Fredericton and New Brunswick.