Lionel Cormier


Lionel Cormier studied art history at the Universite de Moncton and Mount Allison University. Primarily self-taught, Lionel's works have been shown in over 70 solo and group exhibitions in Canada and France.

In 1995-96, Cormier spent a year in Poitiers, France, six months of which he was chosen to be an artist in residence. It was in France that Lionel discovered the rich history of European art and architecture.

In a statement made for one of his exhibitions, Cormier had the following to say, “The work of art responds to an interactive need that we have and which serves to satisfy the thirst we experience in wanting to attain the creative power of a silence…a silence acquired by getting closer to, and discovering, all that exists in the universe. I invite you to find in my works a part of that silence you are looking for.”

Cormier's works are in many private and public art collections including The Canada Council of the Arts, University of New Brunswick, La Compagnie d'Assurance l'Assomption, the Toronto Dominion Bank, the Province of New Brunswick, Bell Aliant, National Bank Financial, l'Université de Moncton and the City of Moncton.

Lionel is featured in the 2009 published "Portraits: New Brunswick Artists/ Peintres du Nouveau-Brunswick". In his essay, Peter J. Larocque describes Lionel's work as follows, “The intensity of colour and tone invites an emotional or contemplative response from the viewer. (These paintings give) pause for thought and reflection and (encourage) a search for greater meaning.”


Invitation to dialogue

Everything in the universe is in interaction with something else whether it be the moon and the earth or ourselves and others. It is how we end up defining ourselves. In this exhibition I invite the spectator to interact (dialogue) with the artwork in a manner as to bring one's own life experiences in dialogue with the attributes of the artwork.

Lionel Cormier