Eric Budovitch


Eric Budovitch grew up amid the well known Beaverbrook Art Gallery collection in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The collection, which focuses on the British and Maritime provinces’ tradition of realistic, figurative art set his artistic standard at an early age.

Demonstrating an aptitude for drawing and painting at an early age, he pursued this trajectory into later life accumulating recognition and accolades through his early years. In his late teens, he was accepted and attended both Concordia and York University’s fine art programs. After spending a year in each, he left not finding the foundational studies that believed were needed by all aspiring painters. Two years later, he took a degree in Art History from McGill University where he focused on the work of 17th century Flemish Baroque artists.

It wasn’t until graduate school that his formal education in fine art began with the acceptance and a scholarship to the New York Academy of Art in the United States, a school with a mandate of traditional methodologies, anatomical study and skill development. At the Academy, he worked directly under recognized artists such as Eric Fishl and Vincent Desiderio, the later acting as a mentor until graduation. While in New York, he took advantage of the city by enrolling concurrently at the Art Student’s League studying under portraitist Nelson Shanks.

Upon graduation from the Academy in 2002, Eric was flattered to be personally chosen out of the many international applicants to act as assistant in the studio of the Norwegian painter, Odd Nerdrum. The senior artist’s technique and methodology remain a strong influence in his current production.

Today Eric lives and works in Toronto Ontario.

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